Thursday, April 27, 2006

Transformers Movie: "Their War. Our World."

Lucky dude from Ain't It Cool News got a chance to meet with Michael Bay, director of the upcoming Transformers movie. Bay revealed lots of interesting info about the movie including its tagline, "Their War. Our World." Now, that's what I called a great movie tagline. Brilliant! From Ain't It Cool News:
Bay then showed me a rough design for the TRANSFORMERS teaser poster. It was a robotic eye overlooking planet Earth, kind of peeking over the curvature of the globe. The eye was in a brow the shape of a right triangle and looked very mechanical, iris and all. The tagline was "Their War. Our World."

...It was around here that I got my first look at Optimus Prime. I saw three concept art pieces on Optimus. The first was a headshot. He is blue, like the cartoon, but I noticed a lack of red in the early stuff I saw. Mostly steel gray and blue. Not sure what I think about that. His face is a bit longer than I remember the cartoon being, but the image I think of when I picture Optimus Prime is when his face guard is up. Bay was quick to point out that the Optimus I was seeing was him without his battle mask. Like the other robot I saw, Optimus was more angular than the cartoon, but he was still hulking. He was by no means lithe and skinny. Bulky, but not blocky.
(via Transformers LIVE)

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