Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Your camera phone can now be a scanner too

Camera phone users can now use their phones to scan, copy and fax thanks to a cool free software called scanR. It uses advanced imaging processing and data extraction technologies to convert photos taken from your camera phone into legible, searchable PDF files. From MobileCrunch:
My experience with ScaR is that it does take a bit of patience to learn the best way to light and photograph your document for optimal results, but when you consider the difficulty of what they’re allowing you to do and when you think about how large the office equipment is that lets you do essentially the same thing that fact that this works at all is nothing short of amazing.

Frankly I was very impressed with the quality of the images that the scans returned. Even in comparison to shooting documents directly with my Nokia N90 I found that the ScanR scans compared very favorably - even when those scans were produced using a much lower resolution camera.
(Thanks GeekGod)

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