Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Yahoo attacks Yahoogle

I think Yahoo's lawyers have nothing better to do with their spare time. They decided to send a cease and desist email to a blogger at for infringing the Yahoo trademark. From Yahoogle:
Yahoo claims "your use of the YAHOO! mark in the Domain and on the website located at the Domain constitutes trademark infringement and unfair competition, and dilutes and tarnishes the famous YAHOO! trademark."

After doing a little googling (heh, heh) on the subject of trademarks, it appears that if my domain is confusingly similar to theirs that they may have a legitimate beef. However if you look at all my posts on this site and all the comments, and if you were able to look at all the email I have received (even the penis ones) you wouln't find a single instance of anyone ever confusing my website for theirs.

One factor, according to one trademark website, in determining whether users would be confused or not is the sophistication of said users. What is Yahoo saying about itss users? they aren't sophisticated enough to tell the difference between a "!" and "gle"? I know my visitors can. Sheesh, even AOL'ers would be able to tell the difference.

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