Wednesday, April 12, 2006

How to be like Jack Bauer

Fans of the hit TV series 24 listen up. Ever wanted to be like Jack Bauer? This dude teaches you how. From Vergel's Aeneid:
No one can be exactly like Jack Bauer. He's too hardcore. You'd kill yourself even if you dreamt that you were Jack Bauer.

You, however, want to be in his likeness. So, I have compiled a handy list for those Jack Bauer wannabes; perfect for a night out on the town or for saving the United States of America from biological or nuclear obliteration.

There are essential items that Jack Bauer wears that contribute to his overall trademark ruggedness and badassness...

Item 1: the Jacket

Jack uses a variety of suave and sophisticated jackets over the 5 days that we've been following him. A personal favorite of mine is the jacket/hoody. After intense deliberation and speculation, a lot of people have claimed that Jack's jacket is the japanese-made: Supreme Water Proof Hooded M65 JKT Black.

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