Saturday, April 08, 2006

Kissing law in Indonesia

On Thursday, I blogged about the ridiculous law in Malaysia that prohibits kissing and hugging in public. Now, Indonesia is also taking steps to curb kissing in one of its cities. From Reuters:
Unrelated people who kiss each other on the lips for more than five minutes at public places in the Indonesian city of Tangerang will face arrest, local media said on Friday.

The government in Tangerang, a suburb west of Jakarta, defended the regulation as a practical guideline for its officers to follow up on tough and heavily criticised anti-prostitution laws passed by the city council last year.

"Please do not dramatise this. We will not arrest people at will as we are not oppressors," Ahmad Lutfi, head of the city's public order department, told the Koran Tempo newspaper.
Here's an advice to those who want to kiss in public in Tangerang: Bring along your stopwatch.

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