Friday, April 14, 2006

How to sleep on planes

Some people have problem sleeping on planes. Not me. I can sleep anywhere. The Independent Traveller has some useful tips on how to sleep on planes. From The Independent Traveller:
Avoid completely the last row in the plane, and any seats just in front of the exit row. Think twice about bulkhead, exit row, and aisle seats.

Good Seats
Go for window seats near the front of the plane

Window seats:
- Give you something to lean against
- Keep you out of the lines of traffic, so no one has to climb over you or ask you to get up repeatedly
- Give you some control over the window shade

Seats in the front of the plane are quieter, although if the airline boards back to front, you may be skunked when it comes to overhead bin space, pillows, and blankets.
Go ahead and sleep during your next flight. Just don't snore too loudly.

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