Monday, September 04, 2006

Korea funds search for Fountain of Youth

Faced with low birth rates and a fast aging population, Korea decides to pour millions into the search for the "Fountain Of Youth". From The Korea Times:
South Korea plans to funnel up to 20 billion won ($20.8 million) over the next nine years to develop age-defying technologies in an effort to keep the country youthful.

The Ministry of Science and Technology on Sunday said the policy is aimed at helping a growing population of senior citizens remain economically active for a longer period of time.

``We plan to spend 6.6 billion won by 2008 funding local scientists, who delve into anti-aging technologies. More than 10 teams will benefit,'' said Cho Seong-chan, a director at the ministry.

``After evaluating the effectiveness of the investment, we will look to extend the project six more years through 2014 at a total budget of 19.98 billion won,'' Cho said.

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