Monday, September 04, 2006

Rename Uranus!

Tired of all the controversy recently surrounding the status of planet Pluto? Well, here's another planet that looks set to get people talking again. Dude wants to rename the planet Uranus because it sounds like Your Anus. He even has a website to invite donations to support his quest. From Rename Uranus!:
The Internet is a crazy place. It's a place where anyone kind find countless ways to waste 30 seconds of thier lives. I've always felt the same way that you feel about Uranus. It is just a stupid ass name for a planet. We might as well call it Planet Bungholio.

I've seen a lot of stupid stuff get emailed around the net and I've seen a lot of stupid sites get millions of hits. So when a discussion in an online forum about the loss of Pluto as a planet turned into making fun of your anus, I knew I had found my calling. I asked for donations to help me get rich (and maybe change the planets name to planet Bungholio). Almost immediatly I had the support of the online community.

I decided a web site was in order, but it needed to be a web site with a goal. The goal of raising $1,000,000 or getting a million hits. I told my wife about my plan and she was behind me 100%. Soon a web site was born. Now there is only one piece missing... YOU. You can help by showing your support. Help us put an end to the irritation surrounding Uranus. Isn't it time we rename it? Isn't it time for Planet Bungholio?
He has a point there. Uranus has been the butt of a lot of jokes. I know that even astronomers make fun of Uranus. I remember listening to all sorts of Uranus jokes shared by amateur astronomers at star parties. One of the more common ones is, "Have you found Uranus yet? No. Oh, well here's a mirror!" So, a change of name for the most rudely named planet? Hmmmm, well maybe, but I'm not sure about Planet Bungholio.


PalliativeDrug said...

HAHAHAHAA!! This is the funniest post I've read today! Couldn't help laughing at work.

finatiq said...

Ur-Anus. Haha.

Shy said...

Planet Bungholio sounds just wrong. I don't know why but it sounds more obscene to me than Uranus.

Mr Big said...

Question: What kind of gas comes from Uranus?

Answer: Fart gas!

Myra Leong said...

IZ: How come you never bring me to one of your star parties? *Bleh*

BenN said...

Im sure all those anus loving people out there will be angry with this new proposal.

r'chelle said...

iz, u dun need ur telescope to see uranus.


Anonymous said...

Oh poor Uranus.
I do hope it clings on to its name.
May god bless Uranus.