Tuesday, January 29, 2008

10 clips to celebrate LEGO's 50th Birthday

LEGO turns 50 and to celebrate, I have searched YouTube for 10 of the best LEGO videos. Sorry if I missed out some but do enjoy this selection.

If you thought the trailer for the new new Batman movie, The Dark Knight is awesome, wait till you see the same trailer done in LEGO.

Building the LEGO Ultimate Collector Star Wars Millennium Falcon.

The LEGO Masturbater for those who need additional help. Is there nothing that can be built with LEGO?

An amazing Lego remake of Les Miserables. As good as the musical!

Watch two people build a LEGO Star Destroyer in just over 4 minutes. They made it look so easy.

Dude builds a kick ass version of The Transformers' Bumblebee using LEGO and that's not all - it can even transform into its Camaro vehicle mode! I think it's more awesome that the toy currently available.

The LEGO Bartender Robot has the ability to mix real drinks. I want one for my home.

And this LEGO robot can do something that I can't do - solving a Rubik cube.

Remember the Summer Nights scene in the movie Grease? Here's a remake of it in LEGO.

Lastly, the complete Thriller music video in LEGO. It's so brilliantly done that even Michael Jackson will give it a thumbs up.

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