Monday, January 28, 2008

The Great Australian Roadtrip

Two Indian dudes spent 71 days riding their bikes on a roadtrip across the Australia continent. On their blog The Great Australia Road Trip, you can read about their day to day experiences. Below, I've included an excerpt from Day 9 of their roadtrip in which they traveled from Katoomba to Sydney, two of my favourite places down under:
We took the Bells line of road via Lithgow. The road was very beautiful but the rain marred the complete beauty and made us concentrate much more on the road ahead with slippery factors than we should have. The distance was short today and we hoped to arrive early in Sydney and meet up with Mick, Editor of AMCN. Fate had some other plans. We surely arrived at the outskirts of Sydney pretty early, around 12.30 Pm, but the city took us by surprise. Sydney had worse traffic than many Indian metropolitan cities. OK, the horns were not there, people werent shouting, but the traffic was slow as if it were following a snail. For an outsider Sydney would be really hard to traverse with all those one ways, tons of confusing road signs and traffic.
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