Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Babe behind Online Pasar Malam


I chatted with my mate Qiuting (she's really cute!) yesterday to find out what's she's been up to after she quit flying. Qiuting has a blogshop, Online Pasar Malam (show her some love and check it out aye!) and in this Q&A, she tells me about it.

I.Z: So tell me about your blog mate.

QT: How should I better put it than bluntly that my blogshop is for pretty ladies or ladies who wants to be pretty. That I hope will mean every lady out there. It's clothings that will only compliment ladies. And the blogshop is also about offering clothings that doesn't appears just anywhere on anyone else walking the street of Sg... Oh and i secretly think my blog sells becox of the LadyBoss being friendly. Heh.

I.Z: What's the idea behind Online Pasar Malam?

QT: Mainly to make some side cash. Hey, gotta pay for the family and gotta pay to maintain the beauty, right. And also i really enjoy doing it. In fact I started this blog becox two things happen simultaneously.. One) I need to clear my wardrobe of unworn clothings. Two) i need some spare cash for that long over-due hp bills.

I.Z: The clothes n stuff u sell on your blogshop? Are they yours?

QT: Erm.. My stock, my personal choice.. Yes.. But they are all brought in meant for sale. For myself I am mostly seen in Tees and shorts less I am heading to town.

I.Z: Has business been good? How many clothes have you sold?

QT: I would say max at 40 pcs. It isn't so easy but really, I enjoy it a lot. And I would love to make this a thing I do til I don't know how to use blogger! It might just happen man, things are changing so too-damn fast.

I.Z: There are thousands of guys and girls reading this blog daily and I'm sure they wanna know more about yourself.

QT: Do I have to say I am quite nice as a person? Haha. I was waitressing for an airline before i stopped a while ago. And that gives me A LOT MORE time to spend with my sweetheart and the five Silberian Huskies in the house. So now I am practically a part-time tai-tai, blogshop ladyboss, dogs keeper and housemaker. Oh and, I REALLY LOVE AND HATE CHOCOLATE. Girls will understand why.

I.Z: So how long have u been blogging?

QT: I've been blogging for over 3 years.. the native ones were deleted. Nobody adores teenage girls who goes "12 pm i woke up.. 1pm go meet XXX.. Then we walk around orchard and bugis and then head back to (wherever) to have a late lunch.. I hate school!" You know what i mean, like a logbook thingy, I deleted those. Haha! Was really a internet bimbo with dozens of blogs.

I.Z: Any other blogs that u have?

QT:My pet blog at This is collab-blog with a friend. Selling higher end products.

I.Z: What about your favourite blogs?

QT: Of course it'd have to be this one that YOU are reading - IZ RELOADED! I LOVE XIAXUE too!!! And

I.Z: Lastly, I'm sure you have read about the Singaporean student selling her used bra and panties on her website. What do you think of that? And can we expect you to start selling yours on your Online Pasar Malam? I'm sure plenty of guys will buy 'em.

QT: I think she's a good citizen. Remember Reuse, Reduce, Recyle? And mine, you heard of WLL (Wait Long Long)? I don't wanna have someone out there wanking off to my panties/me for what, $6!?! Try $6000! Then maybe we could talk. Haha!


Monkey said...

V spunky and enterprising young lady!Wished there were more like her!

Anonymous said...

Wah! Chioubu!

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous... I go start some blog and you better feature me like the way you did for her.

Anonymous said...

she was frm sq too?

Anonymous said...

IZ: Your friend is very cute indeed.

Anonymous said...

Did I read that right? -- 5 huskies??!

Anonymous said...

she looks like a local actress. can't remember the name though.

Anonymous said...

She has 5 Siberian Huskies in her house!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty face but too thin. Tell her to eat more IZ.

Anonymous said...

neber feature me...



Anonymous said...

she's got some pretty clothes. k. time for me to dig out mine and start a blogshop too.

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