Monday, November 03, 2008

Implications of the US election on Singapore

One more day and America will vote for its next President. Who will it be? Barack Obama or John McCain (oh please God, no!)? I'm rooting for my man Obama but what does an Obama victory really mean for Singaporeans? From The Anti Neo-Democracy Theorist:
For ordinary Singaporeans, the victory would inspire those who seek political change in Singapore to push for an agenda that is based a lot more on rhetoric of hope, bipartisanship and rhetoric. The lack of inspiration by opposition politicans is not the issue in Singapore, but rather the absence of a suave, intelligent and dedicated person behind the fierce rhetoric could be the issue for some. Ironically, the WP would probably be the party to step into the shoes of a potential obama, although the SDP would continue to broaden its niche within Singapore society to try to win power.

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Vivian said...

An Obama victory means that Singaporeans may indirectly start to look out for the "Obama" characteristics in opposition politicians which may or may not be such a good thing. Many locals, even young kids find Obama's Hot!

I feel that this US election, especially Obama has altered many locals’ apathetic views for politics. So far, I found this US election educational as many issues were being discussed. It has definitely helped to keep Singaporeans updated of the world current affairs.