20 days without a computer

Can you go 20 days without a computer? PC World reporter decided to give it a try and gave a day to day report on how he survived the ordeal. From PC World:
Day 1

I'm trying to deal with every last e-mail in my in-box before I shut down my home office's three computers. I print my contacts and calendar, and I send a note to friends mentioning that I'll be off e-mail but available by phone or snail mail.

Then I turn off my slim Sony Z505 laptop and lock it in my office safe for dramatic effect. I power down the two other computers as well. The Eagle has landed.

Already, I miss Google. Want a recipe for ravioli in sage cream sauce? Need to know what a grimoire is? Want to see what people think about their 1999 Audi A4 Quattro wagons with Tiptronic transmission? I did recently, and Googled my way to answers in seconds. Without the Web, it dawns on me, I'll have to work harder to learn stuff. Or live with knowing less.
I don't think I can last three days without the computer and the internet. 20 days? I'd rather die. I remember watching an episode of Survivor where one of the contestants used a piece of wood (I think, or is it a rock?) and pretended that it was his Blackberry because he couldn't stand living on the island without his favourite electronic gadget anymore.

I think we are all too dependent on the likes of the PDA and the computer in our daily lives that for many, it would be impossible to go on with our normal lives if these products are taken away from us. It's like eating. You can go on for a day or so without food but soon you will need to eat.

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