Monday, December 11, 2006

Tiger Airways says no to disabled passenger

An Aussie family was not allowed to board a Tiger Airways flight from Darwin to Singapore because their daughter is disabled. From The Daily Telegraph:
Their daughter Artemis said the family got special permission to board the budget airline flight with her disabled sister, but as they were about to board the plane they were told they could not go on.

"We weren't allowed to board the flight,'' Artemis, 24, said.

"We had checked in and were told not to expect any help from the staff, but we said that was ok.

"We went through customs and were all ready to board the plane and then a man stopped us and said we couldn't go on.

"We told him that we had special permission from Tiger Airways in Singapore, and he said even if we did have the ok from the airline, the captain does whatever he likes.

"If we knew that we weren't allowed to travel we would have made other arrangements - now we've lost $15,000.''

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Anonymous said...

There's just no justification for this refusal. The airlines staff wasn't even going to have to lift a finger. The family knew better than to expect that. Clearly, this is just ugly discrimination.