Friday, December 08, 2006

Vote for me in this year's Weblog Awards

The 2006 Weblog Awards

The voting has just begun today. This year's finalist in the Best Asia Blog category are:

The China Law Blog
Pinoy Stupid
IZ Reloaded
The Western Confucian
One Man Bandwidth
The Daily Dumpling
Kristin Collins (Commontales)
Japan Marketing News

What a shocker! Xiaxue who won this award twice in a row is not selected this year. Mr Brown who was the runner-up last year also did not make it this year. He is not even selected for the Best Podcast category. With all due respect to the judges who selected the finalists, but I do feel that they missed out on some great Asian bloggers.

Xiaxue's not selected but don't worry you can still vote for IZ Reloaded.

Anyway here are the rules for voters:

# Polls close at 11:59 PM (US - Eastern) December 15, 2006.
# You may vote once every 24 hours in each poll.
# After voting in an individual poll you will be locked out from voting again in that poll (on the computer you voted from) for 24 hours.

Cos even superheroes need your vote!

So my beloved readers, please vote for me daily aye. Get your boyfriends, girlfriends, sisters, brothers, relatives, uncles, aunties, neighbours, friends etc to do so too. As some of you pointed out to me, I'm the only Singapore blogger selected among the finalists. So come on Singapore (and my readers from the rest of the world, too)! Vote! Vote! Vote!


Anonymous said...

voted, my superhero.

Anonymous said...

Mr Brown didn't get selected because he's not blogging much lately. He's into podcasting now. And I'm glad Xiaxue is not in too.

Anonymous said...


The Superman pic!


Anonymous said...

hahaha! the xiaxue pic is funny!!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I read they the judges didn't qualify xiaxue becoz she won the category twice before.

Anonymous said...

No one nominated her lah!

Anonymous said...

"Cos even superheroes need your vote!"

Hehehe..... i'll vote for you.

Anonymous said...

It is a pretty weak line-up of finalists imho.

Anonymous said...

Take it off!

N come fly to me.


Anonymous said...

At least they should put her in the Best Diarist category.

Anonymous said...

no miyagi. no popagandhi too.


Anonymous said...

Hey dude, you should do a Xiaxue and put photos of you and your "twin" conversing with each other.

Anonymous said...

huh.. love this text.