More Singaporeans downloading legal music from Soundbuzz

Soundbuzz announced that its recent online sales of music downloads have skyrocketed, thus prompting industry players to believe more Singaporeans are now downloading music legally. Yeah right. From Channel NewsAsia:
"It's my own principle that downloading is wrong. Everybody has seen the advertisements in the theatres. Would you go out and steal a car? Would you go out and steal a handbag? You won't do that. Why would you download? It's exactly the same theory," says Ong Pang Soon, an avid online music buyer.

And that's a theory that is helping companies like Soundbuzz witness a healthy growth in the digital market.

They are projecting a 60% to 70% increase in online music sales from Singapore by this year-end.

Mobile music sales are also increasing.
And in a related news, Soundbuzz is still selling songs with DRM nonsense in the WMA format that is not compatible with your iPod. It is still not supporting Mac users and browsers other than Internet Explorer. Oh wait. They've just made their site compatible with Firefox, if you bother to install the IE Tab extension. Bah!

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Kevin said…
If you happen to watch the CNA video as linked from that news article, the so-called avid music listener has quite a collection of high-end audio equipment. I don't think that's representative of the rest of the music loving population, which would be mostly teens with lower income.

More disturbing is how CNA took SoundBuzz's metrics verbatim, without references from established market auditors such as Nielsen Media Research. In all, this isn't just a fluff piece, but a work of propaganda to influence Singaporeans into taking in the "manufactured norm" of legally purchasing music.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm against legally-acquired music; it's the lack of checks and balances in our local media industry.

I'm surprised SoundBuzz is still alive. It came about when I left for Buffalo 6 years ago and was floating on VC funds. It's really drizzled with DRM nonsense, which makes iTunes look more like a walk in the park. Thank goodness I have an iTunes account... hopefully Apple will open a Singapore iTunes store soon.
Anonymous said…
I hate anything with DRM.
Anonymous said…
Wait till iTunes hit Singapore, by then Soundbuzz can close shop.
Anonymous said…
u mean they r still around after all these yrs???
I.Z. Reloaded said…
I heard from my sources that they will open middle of next year.

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