Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bang! The Complete History of the Universe

Last Monday, I was at Borders while waiting for a friend to have dinner with me. I was browsing the Astronomy books section when I came across a book called 'Bang! The Complete History of the Universe'. It is co-written by Patrick Moore, one of my favourite astronomers. The name of one of his two co-authors also caught my attention. Brian May? Hmmm. Sounds familiar. Is he really Brian May, the guitarist from Queen? Crikey! He is! Now, I didn't know Brian May writes astronomy books. Anyway this is what I found out. Brian May attended the prestigious Imperial College where he was taking a Ph.D. programme studying reflected light from interstellar dust and the velocity of dust in the plane of the Solar System planets. Impressive aye. Then half way through his Ph.D., his band Queen became successful. He never completed his astronomy doctorate. Bang! is his first astronomy book and a worthy one to be added to my small astronomy library at home and Brian May, well, as of last Monday, he has become one of my idols. A rocker and an astronomer. That is what I call, cool.


Lord Kimbo said...

He is one of those few brainy rockers.

GeekGod said...

It's a huge hardcover book. Just published few months ago.

Sir Thomas said...

I'm always skeptical when I see a book that boasts the complete history of so and so but Patrick Moore and gang's book really does explain everything in a language that is easily understood even by someone who doesn't know science or math. Typical Patrick Moore stuff.