Wednesday, December 20, 2006

20 reasons why its wise to marry late

Marriages that start later last longer according to life coach and best-selling author, Karen Salmansohn. From MSN:
1. You've had the breakups that led to breakdowns that led to the breakthrough.

2. You've sowed your wild oats—and now think, "Sow what?" All those tempting choices aren't as tempting as you'd thought.

3. You're healthier and more together—meaning the relationship now has at least a 50% chance of being healthier and staying together.

4. After having endured a gazillion bad dates, suddenly your fear of working at a relationship is a lot less scary than your fear of more bad dates.

5. You now know when a relationship is on the road to nowhere—and how to find the exit ramp away from emotionally unavailable territory.
(Thanks Myra Leong)

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