Got Vote?

Got Vote?

Looks like The China Law Blog and now the One Man Bandwidth (damn, those blogs from China!) are activating the massive Chinese population to vote for them. LOL. So you guys who are reading this have to work harder (much, much harder) alright. Vote IZ Reloaded for the Best Asia Blog. You can vote once every day or many times if you have many computers located at different places (Oops. You did not hear that from me). Ha! So go vote now. Go! Go! Go! Thanks.

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ChinaLawBlog said…
I cannot even get 10% of my home city, Seattle. Take a look at OMB. Steroids?
Anonymous said…
Yay for me! I'm at the bottom. But I'm happy I even made it to the finals. Good luck on the votes, very entertaining blog you've got here. I'm rootin' for you!

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