Monday, January 15, 2007

20 Adam Air pilots left within months

I've been blogging recently about the lack of expertise and technology in Indonesia's airline industry and why I won't be flying budget airlines in a response to the recent crash of Adam Air. Now an AP story is quoting some Adam Air pilots that left within months because of concerns that poor maintenance, corruption and rule-bending could lead to a crash of their planes. From Business Week:
"I didn't want to wait until I had lost my friends," said Feisal Banser, 30, a former Adam Air flight captain who knew several crew members on a passenger jet that crashed Jan. 1 with 102 people on board...

Banser and Salahuddin alleged that as part of efforts to save costs, parts were replaced or recycled, regulatory officials were bribed, or pilots were pressured to break international safety regulations.

Salahuddin, who joined Adam Air at its inception, says he left after essential problems with his plane's inertial reference unit, a key navigational tool, were repeatedly left unfixed.

"I saw how Adam Air managed the maintenance of the aircraft and I resigned to protect my life and the life of the passengers," the 35-year-old said, adding that he was once asked by the company's operations chief to sign documents clearing a flight because there was no technical engineer at the airport.

"He called me in the cockpit and told me to fly, but the aircraft was not airworthy," said Salahuddin who refused to take off, enraging his managers.

Indonesia lacks expertise and technology for its airline industry
Why I won't be flying budget airlines

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