Monday, January 15, 2007

Comet McNaught visible in broad daylight

Comet McNaught, the brightest comet in 40 years, has been reported by some to be visible in broad daylight. I've been trying to spot it for the past few days but the weather hasn't been helpful. I tried looking for it again today during lunch time when the sky cleared but it was difficult because of the bright sun. I hid the sun behind a building but still the blue sky was too bright for me to locate the comet. I even put on my sunglasses to block out some of the sky glare. The clouds then came few minutes later. I will try again tomorrow. Remember, please do not look at the sun directly, even with sunglasses. Meanwhile, the comet has been tracked by the SOHO spacecraft since three days ago as it flew right through one of its camera's field of few. You can view the latest images here. You should also browse through's Comet McNaught photo gallery. Lots of beautiful photos there.

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