Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Spitting bags for Shanghai cabbies

Specially made spitting bags will be issued to cab drivers in Shanghai to prevent them from spitting on the road. From Shanghai Daily:
"For many short-stay visitors to Shanghai, taxi drivers may be among the few locals they make contact with in town. In that sense, they shape part of the visitors' first impression of our city.

"For health concerns - as well as keeping a good image for Shanghai - we think we should make efforts to help some cabbies kick the spitting habit."

The city's health promoters are having thousands of paper bags produced, specifically for spitting into, and will send them to taxi companies free of charge.

It is hoped that the 45,000-plus taxis in town will soon carry the bags.

Cabbies will be encouraged to hang them in a convenient place for usage.

Ni said the committee sees the bag production as a long-term project.

"We are expecting the paper bags to work more as a reminder for cabbies to keep up good health behavior," she said.

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