Saturday, January 13, 2007

On David Beckham

Bolton captain Kevin Nolan writes about David Beckham's move to American Major League Soccer side Los Angeles Galaxy in his latest column for BBC Sport. From Kevin Nolan column:
I was absolutely flabbergasted.

Footballers earn a lot of money but £128m over five years is something else. I struggled to get my head around the size of that figure.

I had heard several people say that he would be daft to go to the Major Soccer League.

But, honestly, with those sorts of figures I think he would be daft not to.

There seems to be little doubt the Beckhams are keen to make a big impression in America - and with that sort of salary I would say they are going to do so.
I like David Beckham, especially when he was playing for Manchester United. He was the best right midfielder/winger back then. When I first heard the news that he was going to leave his current club Real Madrid for LA Galaxy, I was shocked not at the amount of money he was given but at the club he chose to move on to. I felt that he should have give the Premiership another go. Beckham was terribly sad when he was kicked out of the England team after the World Cup and we all know he still wants to play for his country. But by going to USA, I fear he would have killed all hopes of wearing the white and blue of England again.

Beckham talked about the challenges of going to the MLS, but will all due respect to the American soccer league, it is no way comparable to the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga or the Italian Serie A, where all the best footballers in the world play. Seriously, no one (maybe only the soccer fans in America) is going to watch a MLS game, even if it features David Beckham. Football fans want to watch the big games, the big teams and the big names.

Beckham may be looking forward to his new challenge, his huge pay check and all those Hollywood parties (dang!) when he moves to the States, but his status among the world's best players will surely be a thing of the past. That's a pity because I feel at 31, he still has it in him to play in the best league in the world and be one of the best footballers again.


Anonymous said...

he love man u so much that he will not play for any other premier league.

the money is great for beckham and family and they love the glamour of hollywood.

Anonymous said...

Beckham sucks. He was lousy in the World Cup and can't get a game at Real. The only way for Golden Balls to play every game is in the poor American league.

Anonymous said...

Beckham said the move is not about money. Bullshit!!!!

Anonymous said...

Singapore should sign him for our S-League.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's doing this for his wife. That pathetic lady needs lotsa Hollywood glamour to revive her already-very-dead career.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Despite disliking Man U (yes, I'm cheering for Chelsea even if I'm not a Chelsea fan), I do like Beckham's play and footballing ability and I do think that Beckham is player who has the ability to play at the best leagues in the world. It is such a pity to lose him to a inconsequential league.

At least, he bought himself financial security for the rest of his life.

Anonymous said...

Why would he marry Posh Spice in the first place? She can't sing, can't act, look ugly, skinny.

Anonymous said...

It's the money baby!!!

Anonymous said...

Posh Spice is the one that is behind David Beckham's footballing career downfall.

Anonymous said...

Beckham needs the glamour and the attention.

Anonymous said...

Beckham is whipped by his wife. I bet his wife made that decision for him. I wonder what team will he play once his contract will end. Sure the paparazzi will follow them everywhere.

They weren't really famous in America. It's like Posh and Becks? Who are they? But in UK they were like Princess Di and Prince Charles.

Some Americans don't even know what soccer is(believe me I saw a documentary). They are the only country that calls it soccer. Almost every country in this world call it football.

I don't favor football but I read everything that has to do with Beckham and Posh. I'm sad that he chose to join an American Soccer team but that's really a FAT paycheck!!! Who could resist that?

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