Saturday, January 13, 2007

SIA gives frequent flyer card to teddy bear

I was reading Richard Quest's blog when I came across an interesting post. Richard is the host of Business Traveller on CNN. In one of his posts in December 2006, he wrote about his teddy bear Sleepy being given a frequent flyer card by Singapore Airlines. From Richard Quest's blog:
During my trip to Singapore, Singapore Airlines presented Sleepy with his frequent flyer card (a non-accrual account, well, we don’t actually pay for his tickets).

Sleepy also got a personal letter from the CEO of Singapore Airlines welcoming him to Kris Flyer.

Why did I ask them to enrol him? Well, a bit of mischief and a lot of “why not?” We can fill the hours in the air thinking of all sorts of things… and as so many of you ask about Sleepy, I thought he should have his own card.

I must admit I was surprised that Singapore Airlines went along with my request; they are, after all, thought of as the more conservative of airlines. It just goes to show that one’s perceptions can turn into prejudices. So, even though he might not always enjoy his own seat at least now he belongs.

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