Friday, January 19, 2007

Surprise! Wild Swan!

Is this the weirdest Japanese product ever? Here's the English translation:
Surprise!! Wild Swan.
Fuooo-!! (action word of the swan popping out after holding the wing)
The swan's head pops out!!
With the "erect" swan, be the king of the party?!
How to operate: After placing the swan on the pants, pull down with your hand on the head (grasping), then let go-
Muku Muku - Boing!
Make mostly of Nylon
For people 12 and older.
I think they got this idea from the Koteka, a penis sheath worn by native male inhabitants of some ethnic groups in western New Guinea to cover their genitals. But of course, the swan looks so much cooler.


Anonymous said...

I prefer the more tribal version.

Anonymous said...

It is not the weirdest but definitely useless. Can't even score some chicks with that.

Anonymous said...

>How to operate: After placing the swan on the pants

i tot the wild swan is placed over the penis. pants. bleh.

Anonymous said...

Love how the Japanese illustrate their instructions.

Anonymous said...

dun think this is the weirdest japanese product. sure there are others.

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