Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Windows Vista: Wow or No Wow?

Microsoft has launched the latest version of its Windows operating system, called Vista, designed to wow computer users. Well, that's what Bill Gates promised us. Using Vista according to him is "just not like using software anymore... it's more user-centric, less systems-centric."

But some technology experts are saying that despite being a very good operating system, Vista is not a breakthrough and that not many people are choosing to install it, instead they will upgrade to Vista only by buying a new machine. And that's what PC vendors like Dell, Gateway, Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo Group are all hoping for - more people to buy their new machines that come with faster chips and larger hard drives to handle the demands of Vista.

Critics also say that there is no compelling reason to buy into the hype and purchase Vista. They are telling users not to buy Vista for the security, adding that a computer running Windows XP SP2 PC, along with third-party firewall, antiviral and antispyware tools, can be a perfectly secure PC if you keep up with the patches. Then there's a critic of another kind. The Green Party, an environmental group has claimed that Vista could lead to a mass upgrade of PCs that will result in old machines being dumped in landfill sites.

Ok, enough of all the critics. How does Vista really perform on a computer? Well, there is a user who says Vista is definitely the best operating system Microsoft has ever made. And read this: even Mac users (I repeat, MAC USERS) like it. There's one who switched his PowerBook for a new notebook running Vista and then there are those who used Vista on their Macs and found out that Macs are great machines for running Vista and it's faster than OSX!

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