Sunday, January 07, 2007

Learn English the sexy way

Trust the Japanese to teach us English the sexy way.

"My grandmother gives good head"

Crikey! Don't click play if you are offended with the C word or the sentence above but go ahead, watch it if you want a good laugh.

(Thanks xXx)


BeNN said...

She's sexy!

primus said...

who is toshi?! hahaha!!

CLaRaliCiouS said...

Full marks for the acting.

finatiq said...

i do not mind being toshi.

Giselle Loh said...

"This is One Point English useful for your everyday life."

Well it is useful if you are working as a geisha or some prostitute.

GeekGod said...

Come on Toshi!
Come on Toshi!
Come on!


Bengster said...

I want her as my english teacher liao!!!

mr black said...

toshi damn lucky guy man.