Saturday, January 27, 2007

Woman fights mountain lion with pen and wins!

Listen up kids! Remember that you should always bring a pen with you when you go out, just in case if you need to poke it into the eye of an attacking cougar/lion/tiger/mad cat, etc. From BBC:
Jim and Nell Hamm were walking in the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park when the cougar wrestled Jim to the ground.

Nell started hitting the animal with the log but it kept hold of Jim's head. She then tried to stick the pen in its eye. The cougar eventually let go.

Mr Hamm is in fair condition after having his lips stitched back together.

He also suffered scalp lacerations and puncture wounds.

"She saved his life, there's no doubt," said Steve Martarano, spokesman for the Department of Fish and Game.


Anonymous said...

The pen is mightier than the sword... erm... log!

Anonymous said...

I find it quite hard to believe that a cougar will not run away when a log is being used to hit it.

Anonymous said...

hooray to the pen!!!!!!

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