Friday, January 12, 2007

Rude Singaporeans Beware!

Rude Singaporeans is a blog that showcases the ugly side of Singaporeans - rude, disgusting and inconsiderate citizens - like these two punks who think that it is cool to be riding their wrapped bikes in a crowded MRT train. "I was in train this afternoon heading to school and these two inconsiderate guys were blocking the way... They are also happily munching snacks away." The blog encourages readers to send photos of rude people caught in action.

(Thanks Mr Big)


KopiCat said...

My first thought was, "So this blog is going to shame the rude ones and deter them from doing these inconsiderate acts again?"

Then I saw that the faces and eyes have been masked out. Don't want to be sued? Ok, no deterrent effect. Is this just a freak show then? I think so, it's busy earning from advertisements. So this is not a public service.

Is it right to be airing national dirty laundry in public with the intention to earn from it? This is not what I will call responsible citizen journalism.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we can deter them from bring rude. It is deeply rooted in some Singaporeans.

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