Sunday, July 01, 2007

Apple iPhone review

Sleek design, stunning display, innovative multitouch user interface and superb web surfing experience - that's the new Apple iPhone. I want one! Cnet has a review:

Criticism aside, the iPhone display is remarkable for its multitouch technology, which allows you to move your finger in a variety of ways to manipulate what's on the screen. When in a message, you can magnify the text by pressing and holding over a selected area. And as long as you don't lift your finger, you can move your "magnifying glass" around the text. You can zoom in by pinching your fingers apart; to zoom out you just do the opposite. In the Web browser, you can move around the Web page by sliding your finger, or you can zoom in by a double tap. And when looking at your message list, you can delete items by swiping your finger from left to right across the message. At that point, a Delete button will appear.
And for those of you who prefer to look deep inside the iPhone, here's the iPhone dissected.

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