Monday, July 16, 2007

How to protest the South Korean way

Here are several ways to protest like the South Koreans: 1) Drop your pants 2) Eat a flag 3) Throw shit 4) Severe several dog heads 5) Rip apart live pigs 6) Commit hara-kiri 7) Chop your fingers... More here with pics! But kids, please don't do any of these in Singapore because it is illegal to protest here.


Anonymous said...

At least he has a reasonable ok looking boxers on.

JDsg said...

I lived in Korea for a year and caught a few protests, some were peaceful, but for one series of protests (over about a month's time) the riot police were discreetly hidden away but ready for action should they be needed (which they never were). The finger-chopping thing is usually done by Korean gangsters.