Sunday, July 22, 2007

Australia is slowly being eaten up by Singapore

Here's something that most of us (Singaporeans and Aussies) do not know. Singapore owns more of Australia than the Australian government. Crikey! And some Aussies are starting to worry if it may cause tensions in their country. From The Age:

Planes, child-care centres, shopping centres, department stores, satellites, hotels, power lines, gas pipelines and mobile phones: the Singapore Government owns all that and more in Australia yet this is barely mentioned in public debate.

Does anybody else out there feel a little uneasy about this phenomenon, especially given the secretive, autocratic and undemocratic tendencies of the Singapore Government?

Australian companies, let alone our Government, would never be allowed to buy equivalent assets in Singapore. And all this investment didn't even give us the leverage to save Van Nguyen from the gallows.

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Anonymous said...

That does freak me out actually...if it's true. Where are your sources?