Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kiwi Kleen Mime Window Cleaner

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Video showing a mime performer in Orchard Road promoting Kiwi Kleen Glass Cleaner. I think marketing and advertising folks should stop using mimes in their campaigns - they are so passe.

(via Lancerlord)


sifu said...

oh window cleaner...now i got it...
For a moment there I thought it was a MARKETING AND ADVERTISING campaign for a mental institution.

Anonymous said...

Mime performance is passe? Since when? They have been around for centuries.

I don't think I see a lot of marketing campaigns revolving around mimes. But it's better than in-your-face-information-overload, no?

Anonymous said...

Advertising Agency: DDB Worldwide, Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Neil Johnson
Creative Director: Terrence Tan
Art Director: Khoo Meng Hau
Copywriter: Daniel Ko
Mime artist: Sirfan
Published: July 2007

Anonymous said...

It's ineffective. You can see from the video that no one really cares.

Anonymous said...

Something more creative please.