Thursday, July 12, 2007

Money flows in Japan toilets

Money does not grow on trees in Japan but it does flow in some Japanese toilets. Some rich dude has left traditional Japanese paper envelopes containing a hundred dollars, next to the handbasins in mens toilets all over the country. From Radio Australia:
National broadcaster NHK has tallied up the figures and believes around four hundred envelopes have been found -- the equivalent of 40-thousand dollars.

Various theories are springing up as to the motive for the random acts of financial kindness.

In nearly every case, the money was left in toilets on the ground floor of local or prefectural government offices.

And in each case, a note written in traditional Japanese calligraphy brush tells the recipient to take only one envelope, and use it for their personal development.

"Do only good deeds, the writer urges, and do not think of evil."
We need someone kind and generous like him in Singapore. Then I will love going to public toilets here more often.


Anonymous said...

Ya man, wld be cool to go to the toilet and go out thousand dollars richer.

Anonymous said...

Japan so shiok one!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the man earned his money from his toilet business so he decided to give back to the toilet users.