Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Grow new breasts from fats

Ladies who are suffering from breast cancer can look forward to a revolutionary one hour treatment which allows fat from the tummy or bottom to be used to grow new breasts. From BBC:
Fat from the either the stomach, bottom or thigh can be taken out with a standard liposuction procedure, and the stem cells then extracted.

These cells are placed into a cartridge ready for injection one hour later. The company says the breasts will then fill out over the course of six months.

The largest trial so far has involved 19 women in Japan. All of them had had at least partial mastectomies and all responded well to the treatment, with no major side-effects.
No word yet if this treatment will work for cosmetic breast surgery but I'm sure the cosmetics industry and those who want to get a bigger pair of boobs will be following this very closely too.

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