Friday, July 20, 2007

Steam buns with pork flavoured cardboard is a hoax!

Remember I blogged about the Chinese steam bun seller who was caught trying to rip his customers by stuffing pork flavoured cardboard in them? Apparently the story was a hoax done by a temporary employee of Beijing Television who felt pressured to produce a story for the station. But still, I'm not buying food from any Chinese street stall! From Xinhua:
Under the name Hu Yue, Zi twice went to the No.13 courtyard inside Shizikou Village, Taiyanggong Township of Chaoyang District, and asked four migrant workers who had been preparing breakfast there to make meat buns for other migrant workers at a construction site.

The four meat buns makers were identified as Wei Quanfeng, Zhao Xiaoyan, Zhao Jiangbo and Yang Chunling, all from Huayin, a city in northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

Zi allegedly invited a friend to act as the boss of the construction site, and bought pork and flour from a market in Chaoyang District and brought the materials to the courtyard.

In order to film the process, Zi is alleged to have instructed Wei and his fellow villagers to make "baozi" or meat buns by soaking and crushing discarded cardboard he had collected and mixing it with pork. The baozi were said to have been fed to dogs.

Zi used a home DVD camera to film the entire process and turned in his report after he edited it.
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