Friday, July 27, 2007

My blog is like caffeine!

Lillette, a lovely old friend of mine was just talking to me on MSN Messenger. She is at the National Library now, presumably checking out some cute guys there. Ha!

Lillette: IZ, I'm so sleepy now.

IZ: You should go read my blog mate. Might wake you up a bit aye.

Lillette: Oh I did. I had to. It's like caffeine for me.

IZ: Ha! Caffeine! I hope it's all good then.

Lillette: Good and bad.

IZ: Oh?

Lillette: Good because it kept me awake. Bad because it gets me addicted.

Ok, if any of you are reading this from the National Library now, do me a favour and look out for this really hot chick with glasses. She's with her laptop. Go and say hi to her aye. Don't worry. She won't bite.


Bengster said...

Hot chick! Got pic or not? I go National Library now.

Giselle Loh said...

IZ: To me, it's not caffeine. It's like a drug!

r'chelle said...

are there really cute guys in the National Library? geeky ones you mean.

Mr Big said...

Pic bro?


GeekGod said...

Your blog like is marijuana!

Anonymous said...

addiction is good

xXx said...

>Go and say hi to her aye. Don't worry. She won't bite.

But I like my girls to bite.

Gaylord said...

It's more than a drug!

Hazel Goh said...

I'm hooked 3x a day. Now is that bad? :oP

Johnny Q said...

When is Lillette going to the National Library again?


Shy said...

Giselle Loh: And more you mean. *winks