Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The dude that designed Bumblebee!

In an earlier post, I briefly mentioned about my search for the Transformers Bumblebee action figure in toy stores in Singapore. I reckon that it's so popular that most shops ran out of their Bumblebee stock. Maybe I should just contact this dude who designs the Bumblebee toy and ask him for one aye. From PingMag:
Transformers! Once again, the toy line is a collaboration between the Japanese manufacturer Takarotomy and its American equivalent Hasbro. As you mentioned before, your work process would usually be: Hasbro comes up with a concept for a toy and you are the designer that builds it. I guess that is quite complicated…

Basically, I’m an inventor and a character designer and my input is bringing everything into 3D reality and adding cool character dimensions like feature weapons and funny things to it: I do the part lists, draw the blueprints and then draw a 10 or 12 frame short animation to show how the toy would transform. I do this based off Hasbro concepts as well as my own characters and concepts that are okayed by Hasbro. They are a great team to work with.

And you did all of the Bumblebee transformations?

From the first day I started at Takaratomy I have always done Bumblebee.
Dang! What a great job he has!

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