Monday, July 02, 2007

How to care for your comic books

If you are a comic book collector, then you should know how to care for your comic books so that their value will soar over time. I wish I still have my stack of old comics. I'm sure they must be worth something now. From Rare Comic Books:
To keep them in mint condition, they must be carefully flipped through while reading. Please refrain from dog-earing and folding the pages. Afterwards place in a Mylar Sleeve. This is like a clear envelope with a pressed-board backing. This sleeve prevents moisture from damping the comic and the board ensures that the comic isn't folded or crumpled. Slide the comic into the sleeve against the treated side (the white side) and the comic cover facing front. If you plan on storing the comic books for more than five years, make sure to use premium quality acid-free backing board and paper. After this, the comics should be stored in a long or short comic box with the comics standing up.
(Thanks Mr Big)

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