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Scarlet Revealed: It's LG's new HDTVs, not a new TV Series!

She's dazzling. She's exciting. She's intelligent. She's extraordinary. She's Scarlet! And for 3 months, everyone was fooled to believe that she's actually part of a hit new TV series by David Nutter and starring Natassia Malthe as the show's lead character. Yup, Scarlet's no hit new TV series. It is actually a new line of full HD LCD TVs by LG!


On Friday evening, Scarlet was finally revealed in Singapore at a grand launch party held at The Singapore Flyer. Of course, those who bothered checking the internet before heading to the launch would have known about Scarlet's true identity which was already revealed in the US on April 29. The launch was attended by members of the media, some celebrities and of course, bloggers!



After the screening of the Scarlet TVC, the real Scarlet was finally revealed to everyone at the launch party.


Ah, now that's the real Scarlet! Presenting the LG60 Series, LG’s new flagship LCD TV series for 2008, which come in 32”, 37”, 42” and 47”inch models.


The LG60 is the focal point of LG’s Scarlet launch – a brand initiative by LG that introduces a range of upscaled, and highly desirable audio-visual products aimed at the discerning consumer. At just 1.7 inches (45mm) thick, LG claims that its LG60 is the world’s slimmest LCD TV. The main features of the LG60 includes a bright red back, a very feminine silhouette and a round aperture surrounded by LED lights at the bottom of the bezel that further serves as a decorative focal point. The LG60 also features invisible speakers tuned by audio expert Mr. Mark Levinson and it is equipped with LG’s industry-leading advanced technologies to provide viewers with the best possible picture quality.


I got a chance to get really upclose with the LG60 when everyone left the event area to take a ride on the Singapore Flyer. First impressions: The LG60 looks very sexy indeed. The design with the hole at the bottom is really unique. Unfortunately, I couldn't really test the image quality of the LG60 - no thanks to the highly pixelated video being shown on the various sets - nor its much talked about sound quality coming out from its invisible speakers. Therefore, I won't be able to say if the performance of the LG60 is as spectacular as its advertising and marketing campaign. I guess I'll have to wait until the nice people at LG pass me one for a review. Hehe.

Watch a video of the LG60 below.

And lastly, here are two more pics showing the goody bag and a photocard taken at the event. The goody bag contains the press kit, a VCD of the Scarlet trailer, advertising and Behind The Scenes special, and a very cool LG Digital Photo Frame.



Oh btw, I love this! Nice one, Mr Photographer.

(Thanks Sabrina, LG Scarlet, Gavin Foo and Fleishman Hilliard)

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