Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Reserve your iPhone 3G now!


SingTel and Apple have announced that they will be bringing the much anticipated iPhone 3G to Singapore later this year. But of course, this isn't news to those of you who read my blog because I wrote an exclusive post on April 1 about the iPhone in Singapore:
My source also told me that Singtel will offer the 8GB and new 16 GB iPhone models - both are 3G enabled! He said that they are still working out the pricing details.
And you guys thought it's an April Fool's joke aye. Gosh.

Over at SingTel's iPhone website, you can reserve an iPhone 3G. I tried leaving my particulars but after I click the "next" button, it says: "Currently iPhones can only be reserved at your local hello! store." Duh. So for those of you who want to reserve your iPhone, you need to personally go to a hello! store. You'll then be given a consideration period of one week from the date of notification by SingTel Mobile that the iPhone is available for sale.

The price of the iPhone, service packaging options, terms and conditions of sale will only be made known by SingTel when it is available and type approved by the IDA. No date has been announced by SingTel but according to my post (yup, that same April Fool's day post), SingTel will sell the iPhone on 8th August.

As for the price of the iPhone in Singapore, Apple's Steve Jobs has said that the price would be a "maximum of US$199 (for the 8GB model)" globally so that means we can expect it to be around S$270. Pretty cheap for an iPhone aye but there's a catch. Of course SingTel hasn't announced the pricing details yet but we can roughly predict them by looking at how AT&T will be selling their 3G iPhones in the US:
* With a two-year contract, the price of an 8GB iPhone 3G will be US$199; the 16GB model will be priced at US$299.
* Unlimited iPhone 3G data plans for consumers will be available for US$30 a month, in addition to voice plans starting at US$39.99 a month.
* Unlimited 3G data plans for business users will be available for US$45 a month, in addition to a voice plan.
So it's most likely that SingTel will also bundle their cheap iPhones with a long term contract (maybe 2 years) and you will also need to sign up for one of SingTel's 3G data plans - the most expensive is at $69.30 per month.


Kevin said...

IZ, I've drawn up a chart comparing AT&T rates with Singtel's estimated rates for the 3G iPhone. It'll cost way more to own an iPhone in Singapore compared to the U.S., unless Singtel offers a subsidized iPhone plan.

Check it out here: http://theory.isthereason.com/?p=2235

GeekGod said...

There's no such thing as a "cheap" iPhone.

Shy said...

So the US$199 price is actually a gimmick.

Sir Thomas said...

Do you think Steve Jobs really want to sell a cheap iPhone?

Rickie said...

What's worse is if Singtel force customers to sign up with their most expensive data and voice plans.

xXx said...

08.08.08. I'm waiting! ;op

Anonymous said...

it is definitely not cheaper than the older iphones if u add up all the costs that u'll be paying for 2 yrs!

Anonymous said...

You won’t be able to walk out of a hello store with an iPhone 3G without first committing to a two-year SingTel contract and I'm pretty damn sure that SingTel will raise the price of monthly data plans for the iPhone too. I'll give it a pass.

Mr Big said...

Dude, I really thought it was an April Fool's joke.

Lord Kimbo said...

Ill wait for an unlocked iphone 3g on ebay.

Bengster said...

apple stuff liao.. how can they be really that cheap.

Anonymous said...

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