Saturday, December 02, 2006

Treat your employees like Pokemon

If you're a boss or a supervisor, here's something you should read. How to treat your employees like Pokemon. From
In the world of Pokémon, young trainers travel the land catching and training creatures called Pokémon. There are 150 different kinds of Pokémon, and each trainer tries to catch and train as many as possible. After a Pokémon is caught, the trainer starts preparing their new Pokémon to battle other Pokémon. In order to properly train a Pokémon, the trainer must invest a great deal of time and energy, perseverance, and love. Since each Pokémon has separate and unique powers, the trainer also needs to develop each Pokémon differently. When the training is complete, the once wild Pokémon will have become loyal, will have developed a set of battle skills, and may have even evolved into an advanced form of Pokémon...

Evolving an employee is similar to evolving a Pokémon. It takes time and energy, positive regard, and mentoring in order to evolve an ordinary employee into an advanced employee. I have outlined a few key steps to help guide supervisors in their training and evolving of ordinary employees into advanced employees.
(Thanks Sir Thomas)

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