Tuesday, December 05, 2006

US wants to build a moon base

NASA wants to build a permanent base on one of the moon's polar regions sometime after astronauts begin flying back there in 2020. From BBC:
Nasa has elected to build a lunar outpost rather than operate brief trips to the satellite as it did in the 1960s.

Nasa is also expected to ask other countries - and businesses - to help it build the base.

The permanent base will be built near one of the two poles, as these are felt to have a moderate climate and more sunlight - essential if the base is to use solar energy.

"It's exciting," Shana Dale told the Reuters news agency. "We don't know as much about the polar regions."

According to Reuters, funds for building the lunar base will be diverted from the space shuttle programme, which is to be phased out by 2010.
A moon base! Wow! Too bad they aren't looking for any volunteers to stay there. I would gladly volunteer myself. Just hope they have internet there.


Myra Leong said...

Internet so can blog right? Hehehe.

mr black said...

Something tells me the NASA's plan of a moon base is never going to materialise.

Giselle Loh said...

IZ: No you can't go to the moon. Don't you leave us here!!