Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Barbie Store

The world's first Barbie entertainment theme store has opened in Argentina. The Barbie Store's founders are hoping that young girls all over the country will flock to the store and dress like Barbie for hours. Too bad the store has nothing for boys. Pics of the Barbie Store here. From Canadian Press:
"There are girls who come every single day," Loizeau said. "No one understands it."

The $7-an-hour playroom inside the store has toys and dolls, costumes, makeup and jewellry, and a small catwalk for girls to parade on under disco lights. The store also includes a beauty salon, where girls can get everything from a glamorous hairstyle to a painted butterfly on a cheek, plus a coffee shop. And the Barbie playroom is available for parties, starting at around $650.

A few Barbies are for sale, but selling dolls isn't the retail focus of the store. Instead, there are T-shirts, skirts, pants and handbags - most in shades of pink - that are designed and made in Argentina and only available at the Barbie Store. The items sell for 10 per cent more than similar clothes at other stores without the Barbie logo, Loizeau said.

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