Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cyber bullying is a problem in Japan thanks to mobile phones

I know cyber bullying is a bad thing but I was amazed after reading this story about Japan's worsening cyber bullying problem. From Reuters:
For many Japanese children, a cell phone is a social lifeline they can't imagine being without. For high school student Makoto, it became an instrument of mental torture that nearly drove him to suicide.

"Even when I stopped going to school and stayed at home, my cell phone kept ringing with harassing e-mails," said Makoto, who became anorexic and rarely emerged from his room for nearly half a year after becoming the target of "cyber bullying".
Read that again: "My cell phone kept ringing with harassing e-mails." I think I must be still living in the past. I don't even check my emails using my mobile phone! The Reuters story says that most cyber bullying in Japan is conducted through mobile phones with Internet and e-mailing capabilities. Damn these Japanese kids are so high tech.

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