Monday, November 26, 2007

Lifetime collection of Star Wars and other toys for sale


If you have US $34,500 to spare (and an empty room), you could be the new proud owner of this impressive toy collection that includes mostly Star Wars figures. Time to break that piggy bank! Seller says:
This is my lifetime collection of collectibles. This is a big step I'm taking in order to move on and accomplish a new plan I have for my future.

This collection is mainly Star Wars but also has over 15 carded Spawn figures, about 15 carded Austin Powers figures, 18 inch Mini Me, 18 inch Hellboy Tower Records exclusive, 16 inch Ozzy Osbourne 'Bark at the Moon' Werewolf and many many more misc. figures. WWE figures of Trish Status and other girl figures are also included.

You can pretty much start your own toy store or just continue this giant collection.

.. Many loose figures of Star Wars, some vintage vehicles, Comic-Book Girl character figures. Almost everything is in excellent to mint like condition. There are over 1,1160 modern carded Star Wars figures.

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