Friday, November 23, 2007

Ad Campaign for ALL Singapore bloggers

My mate Josh from Advertlets has informed me that an advertiser (an international client that that supports creative independence involving something that everyone listens to nearly everyday) has come in with a huge Singaporean media buy - traffic from the entire Advertlets Singapore blog network, for approximately a week.

If you are already serving ads by Advertlets on your blog (great!), you will automatically be included in this CPM campaign. And since it's open to all Singapore blogs, if you have a blog and have yet to sign up with Advertlets, quickly do so here and then put up the Advertlets code on your blog to take part in this ad campaign.

The campaign starts 27th November 2007. For more info check out this post on the Advertlets blog.

(Disclosure: I'm an Advertlets Blog Ambassador and I also advise them on "company matters".)

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