Wednesday, November 14, 2007

MyFootballClub makes history by buying a football club

MyFootballClub, a website that gives fans the opportunity to buy and then take control of a professional football club, has strike a deal to acquire Conference League side Ebbsfleet United! From BBC:
The 20,000 MyFootballClub members have each paid £35 to provide a £700,000 takeover pot and they will all own an equal share in the club.

In a landmark for English football, members will vote on player selection, transfers and all major decisions.

"We are united in believing this is a great opportunity," Ebbsfleet chairman Jason Botley told BBC Sport.

"This extra finance and support will enable our club to progress."

The deal is expected to be completed in a few weeks after a due diligence process and the website will purchase a 51% controlling stake, while also having the option to buy the club outright in the future.
It will be interesting to see how the fans decide on which players and tactics to use for a game. I think this system will just barely work for small and unknown clubs. I doubt managers like Sir Alex Ferguson would want fans to tell him who to pick for his Manchester United team. Anyway, I wish MyFootballClub and Ebbsfleet United all the best and hope to see them in the Premiership soon. Now, that will be some story.

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