Monday, November 26, 2007

Indians riot in Malaysia want trillions from British

It sure is getting interesting for our neighbours across the Causeway, with more and more people staging protests nowadays. Following the more than 30,000 people that took to the streets of Kuala Lumpur a few weeks ago, it's the Indians turn to stage a rally over the weekend. From AFP:
Witnesses said police beat up some protestors with batons. Organisers said at least 400 people were arrested and 19 injured. Police, however, said more than 100 people had been detained.

"Over the last 50 years Indian have been marginalised in this country and we now want the same rights as enjoyed by other communities," M. Kulasegaran, opposition lawmaker with the Democratic Action Party (DAP), told AFP.

"They have no rights to stop us from protesting today. This is the will of the people," he said.

The lawsuit targets Britain, Malaysia's former colonial ruler, and is aimed at highlighting what ethnic Indians here say is continuing discrimination by the Malay-Muslim majority government.

It seeks four trillion dollars' compensation for the estimated two million ethnic Indians whose ancestors were brought here as indentured labourers by Britain in the 1800s -- two million dollars each.
Two million dollars for each Indian in Malaysia! Crikey! I bet there must be quite a lot of Malaysians now checking their family history to see if they have any ancestors from India. You know what? Maybe we all should blame the British for whatever misfortunes we had and demand some compensation too. I would settle for just half a million. Don't want to be so greedy like those Malaysian Indians.


Details: said...

This was the 2nd biggest gathering as reported by the news earlier.

sifu said...

maybe i should blame the brits for my bad O and A levels resultsas well as my own laziness...

In the meantime I am going to the PUB for some ale!


Unknown said...

Easy for you to talk, what would you know about hardship. After all you were born with a silver spoon up your a##

Anonymous said...

The indians in malaysia have every right to ask for some fairness. Malaysia is practicing what south africa abolished sometime ago, aparthied. It's just blatant racism. If Malaysia dos not change it's policies I foresee more trouble ahead. You push a human being against a wall with no hope of a better life, they'll fight back for their family, children and so on. Charging the indians for attemted murder is a joke. It shows how silly and stupid the malaysian system is.People from all over the world are supporting the indians fight for equal rights, after all it's a basic human right for each and every one on this planet to be treated with equality and respect.We are all the same, irrespective of what religion or colour or race we are!! It's a crying shame how so many countries and people, not only Malaysia, fail to realise this. It is true sometimes when we say race will follow race, but why can't it be different. why can''t everyone just get along!!! and treat each other as equals and make this world a better place. Maybe someday we will...hopefully it will happen before we destroy ourselves!!To the Indians in Mlaysia god bless you..and you've got support.

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