Saturday, November 10, 2007

What the Fish!

I've just added What the Fish! to my bookmarks. It's a blog about fishing in Singapore. I think it's the first of its kind and it's very well written. Gosh, I miss fishing now. From What The Fish!:
After a quick casting lesson, J threw out her line. And within the first cast, she landed something. Wow, talk about luck. Fish turned out to be a good one, a Wrasse. Hm, these buggers not usually easy to catch due to their minuscule mouths. J was naturally all excited and did a cart wheel. After the customary photo taking, fishing proceeded on. WC cast out his line and then also on the first cast, got a tamban! Holy tornado. These students were good. I had never before gotten a tamban at Six Pipes.

Since the 2 of them had gotten the swing of things, I too rigged up my Black rose and cast out. I had wanted a slightly bigger catch, and rigged mine on a size 8 owner hooks, baited with about 1/2 a prawn meat. A while into the waiting, rod dipped and I got a decent fish on the other end. Reeling back, fish ran into the pipes and I was snagged. Argh...but I could feel the fish still struggling despite not being able to reel back the line. I played the waiting game, and finally fish ran out again, and was soon on the losing end. When it broke the surface, it turned out to be a slightly larger than my palm Silver Biddy (WuaBee). Hmm, I was expecting a larger fish. Not a bad fighter.

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